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    Custom Self-Service Request

    Sivaji Gandham

      Hi All,

      I have created a custom Self-Service Request i.e. "CASH ADVANCE" using EIT.Done all the setup in
      HR & AME(Approvals upto 2 positions up.What i have done the setup:

      1) Created an EIT for CASH ADVANCE
      2) Created a function for CASH ADVANCE
      3) Added the Function to the Self-Service Menu
      4) Run "Register Extra Information Types" for "CASH ADVANCE"
      5) Ceated a Condition in AME using existing Attibute
      6) Created a Rule also in AME
      7) Enabled profile options for Personalization
      8) Profile options for BG, Security Profile & Usertype are set
      Yet to be done:
      1) Need to enable DFF segments in Self-service page using Personalization for CASH ADVANCE segments

      After enabling profile options for Personalization, when i selected the Request..
      It is showing Error as shown below:

      The selected action is not available. The cause may be related to security.
      Contact your system administrator to verify your permission level for this action.

      Pl guide me where i have to check? I appreciate inputs from anyone.