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    AIA install into existing SOA home




      This question should have been asked before I guess, I just don't find it, nor in the install guide.

      I am installing AIA to co-exist with SOA home, Win7 64-bit.

      The installer by default suggests the directory inside the existing the SOA home (<SOA_HOME>\oracle_common) and then complains or asks to confirm that I wish to install into non-empty directory. Which concerns me a little.

      Hence my question - should the AIA home be an empty directory?

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          Better to create a new directory inside SOA Home and then point all your AIA content there if you really want to be inside soa home. I don't think there is no such rule which says AIA should be installed in an emply directory only. Its just a warning, But, then again , why would you want to have it that way. Firstly - leads to some confusion , as to which directory belongs to which application and the secondly what if there is directory by the same name.