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    About WCC workflow


      hi Experts,


      I am using workflow for wcc11.1.1.7, I defined a  criteria workflow. created a doc for that workflow, while the doc is still in workflow(status is not released), I can search it out or see it under library dir, this is not supposed to happen, any hint on this?


      Another issue is after reviewer feedback a comment with reject action, the contributor has no view for that comment, how to make contributor to see that comment after it's rejected?


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          Ad #1) this is strange. Are you sure that the search engine does not find a previous revision of the item? Items/revisions in 'Review' status are excluded from search, even though you may find them (on certain conditions) in the particular folder (this allows performing Reject/Approve directly from Desktop Integration Suite).


          Ad #2) this is a known issue. OOTB Reject Reason appears only in the email sent to the contributor/reviewer(s) in the most recent Review/Create New or Review/Edit step.I wrote a simple component that stores is also in the database. You could then modify pages where you want to have this displayed.

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            For No.1, I cann't repeat that error again.




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