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    How to setup Dimension Attributes in ERPI


      Hi All,

            I am currently in process of setting metadata rules in ERPI to extract hierarchies from EBS into EPMA Planning and HFM application. Our hierarchies are already setup in these applications but we need to replace this process with ERPI. I know ERPI does give capability of handling some attributes such as Data Storage Parent, Data Storage, Expense Reporting, Account Type, Time Balance for Balance sheet and income statement OR use system defaults.


      My question is how do I define these attributes in a way that it keeps the ones that are currently in the system?. How about +,- aggregation operators, Two Pass Calculation, Smartlist, Data Type, etc?. If I use system defaults, will it overwrite the current ones?.


      Please suggest. I need to be able to keep currenty attributes as it is and just update the metadata piece.


      Thanks Everyone. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.