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    OEM 12c Postupgrade signoff behaving wierdly


      This is a very bizarre problem which I will do my best to explain clearly. I am attempting to run the post upgrade sign off tasks after upgrading my OEM installation from 11g to 12c. I used the Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console 2-SYstem method.


      I have created named credentials.


      In the OEM 12c Console I choose Setup -> Post Upgrade Tasks -> Sign Off. From there I search for targets with Sign Off Pending and choose a target. I then click the sign off migration box and am asked to choose a credential. I choose a named credential, one I have created specifically for use with sign offs.


      The credential selection window spins for a moment, the credential selection window closes and upon closing a target other than the one I chose initially is highlighted. When I look at the job activity I see that the sign off is occurring on the target highlighted after the credential selection window has closed.


      At first I thought perhaps it has something to do with the sensitivity of my so I asked a co-worker to perform a test on his desktop, the behavior is the same. It is almost as though the console has a mind of it's own. If I believed I might say it is possessed. What it means is I apparently have little or no control over which targets I am signing off on.


      I have absolutely no clue what is occurring here nor do I know how to resolve it so I can sign off the desired targets. Please help me.


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman