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    ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header


      asm alert shows:

      WARNNING: cache read a corrupted block group=1(CRSDG) dsk=0 blk=2 from disk 0(CRSVOL)

      Errors in file /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/log/diag/asm/+asm/+ASM1/trace/+ASM1_rbal_16585.trc:

      ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header [kfc.c:25578] [endian_kfbh] [2147483648] [2] [0 != 1]

      ORA-15196: invalid ASM block header [kfc.c:25427] [endian_kfbh] [2147483648] [2] [0 != 1]


      Here are my challenges to the answer providers and I am going to number my questions. You are welcome to answer any question listed below, just please quota my question number first. Thanks.


      1) "cache read a corrupted block group" , what exactly is the "cache" here?

      2) "group=1(CRSDG) dsk=0 blk=2 from disk 0(CRSVOL)" we know that ASM is stored in AUs, here only gives dsk=0, blk=2, but without knowing the AU number, how can I use kfed to read the proper block?

      3) "kfc.c:25578" what is kfc.c? I can find explanation about kfbh.<>, kfdhdb.<>, but have no clue about what kfc.c is.

      4) "[endian_kfbh] [2147483648] [2] [0 != 1]" I know endian_kfbh is about the platform's Endian, but what is 2147483648 referring to here?

      5)  "[endian_kfbh] [2147483648] [2] [0 != 1]" I am guessing [2] refers to block number 2, is this correct?

      6) overall, is all it is trying to tell me is "the plaform should be in small endian (1), but now it is marked as big endian(2) at some header place"?

      7) of course, I would appreciate your solutions very much. you solution is ...?

      8) Is there any good article reference about these stuff?


      lisingt every single questions of mine is my favorite seeking help style.  Doing this help learn better. I am expecting your contributions.


      Thanks in advance!