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    Parameters db_name and db_unique_name


      I have a doubt about a question that has made me a customer and hope that if you can you solve me,


      It's about the db_name and db_unique_name.


      The question is this, in a Data Guard (11gR2), the db_name is the same for all databases, and what changes is the db_unique_name, so far so clear.


      It may be that in a physical standby and a standby primary, the primary parameter db_unique_name db_name is different than, let me explain:






      db_name = BDRP

      db_unique_name = bdrpo3





      db_name = BDRP

      db_unique_name = bdrpo4


      In all the notes and manuals on the primary meeting these two parameters are equal and these parameters change in standby. May be different in the Primary like in the standby, or on the contrary there is a restriction.


      Is there a note explaining this very thing.


      thank you very much