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    OEM/Grid Control 10g ( - History of Job runs




      I user OEM/ Grid Control 10g ( I have scheduled some jobs to be run weekly. I want to check the previous run details and it doesn't show anything.

      Is there a place where we set the default  value of how long the history run details are maintained ?


      Cherrish Vaidiyan

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          The Enterprise Manager default purge policy for jobs deletes all finished jobs that are older than 30 days. This value cannot be changed using Enterprise Manager, but it can be changed using SQL*Plus.


          To change the default time period (for example, to 60 days), use SQL*Plus to log into the Management Repository database as the Enterprise Manager repository owner -SYSMAN. The default purge policy is called SYSPURGE_POLICY. To change the time period, simply drop and re-create the policy with a different time frame:


          SQL> execute MGMT_JOBS.drop_purge_policy('SYSPURGE_POLICY');

          SQL> execute MGMT_JOBS.register_purge_policy('SYSPURGE_POLICY', 60, null);

          SQL> COMMIT;


          To check run:

          SQL> select what, next_date from user_jobs;



          In the value for the ‘WHAT’ column, look for the MGMT_JOB_ENGINE.apply_purge_policies job, the job will run at the same time each day.



          Cherrish Vaidiyan

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            I have a daily scheduled job which executes a script for RMAn backup. I have not changed the default retention time for job history, but I don't see any link on the job page to see the execution history of my job. Can you please help to explain about where can I see the history of my jobs. Thanks



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              Did you check the tab Jobs? Select Advanced Search, select "All Target Types against which jobs were executed" and for Owner, Status, Scheduled start en Job Type "All" and hit Go. You will find the jobs that ran in the last 30 days.

              At least this is the case in 11g and I think in 10g it is the same.