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    Start Stop Cluster 10g 11g


      Hi All,

      In 10g

      stop cluster in local node

      option 1. crsctl stop crs





      option 2. srvctl stop instance

                   srvctl stop asm

                   srvctl stop nodeapps

                   srvctl stop crs


      same with starting the resources


      option 1. crsctl start crs




      option 2. srvctl start nodeapps

                   srvctl start asm

                   srvctl start instance

                   crsctl start crs


      is there any difference if i stop all resources in a go or if i stop using second option lot of options all work but slight doubt which of these are oracle





      And in 11g since OCR and Voting disk on ASM


      ./crsctl stop cluster -all --- to stop everything in all nodes  or

      crsctl stop cluster -n node1 or 

      ./crsctl stop has on single node


      option 2 - I am not aware of option 2


      can any one enlighten me on these...





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          Ed Rudans

          There is a difference.

          1. when you do srvctl stop instance/asm, the instance will be stopped using default option ie SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE

          2. when you do crsctl stop crs/cluster, the database and asm instances will be stopped by SHUTDOWN ABORT!


          So the correct order is when you do planned maintenance is to stop db/asm manually using srvctl


          Just check the alertlog which option is used when in you environment to see by yourself.



          Ed Rudans


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            Hello! I hope my experience will be helpful.


            In order to get a graceful shutdown of the databases in my cluster, I first stop the databases using the srvctl stop database command. Once the database has been shutdown properly, and is shown to be in OFFLINE state, then I use "crsctl stop cluster" command to stop the other cluster processes. Finally, I use "crsctl stop crs" command to shutdown High Availability services. I issue the "crsctl" commands on each individual cluster node, because I am not a big fan of the "-all" option to shut things down.


            I hope this helps you!


            Thanks and Best Wishes,