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    Pass Values from Interactive Report




      I am sure this is an easy question, but I haven't been able to find the solution myself.


      I have an interactive report that has 6 columns, which are:


      Last Name

      First Name


      Start Time

      End Time

      Link Column


      I need to assign an ID which is not shown in the report, the Day, Start Time, and End Time to variables P5_IDX, P5_DAY, P5_START, and P5_END to be used

      as Display only items on another page.  I can only pass 3 values using the column link in the IR.


      Is there another way to pass more than 3 values from an interactive report?  Sorry if this has been asked and answered previously.  I searched the forums and didn't find an answer, but maybe a searched with the wrong keywords.


      Thanks for any and all assistance,