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    The editor is useless


      The new editor has become extremely buggy. Almost nothing works the way it should.


      I'm using Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Firefox 20.0 or Safari 5.1.9.


      For example, I select some text in the Terminal app and copy it into the editor using Safari:


      Empty lines are being stripped at first:



      After a few seconds the editor automatically rebuilds the empty lines, but double (2x):



      This does not necessarily happen in Firefox though, for instance, when I copied this text from TextEdit (standard OS text editor), it stripped all the paragraphs and remained silent.


      I select the text in the editor with the mouse or use CMD-A to select all and choose Syntax Highlighting (plain). Selecting the text, now with line numbers, produces very weird results. It is not possible to select the text and hence copy or cut does not work. The result is different between Firefox and Safari:








      Other problems are:


      Cut and paste is unreliable. Sometimes it's choosing the clipboard of the OS, sometimes from the editor, sometimes it does not work at all.


      Undo is unreliable, sometimes it's available, sometimes not. No specific pattern it seems.


      Pasting text into the editor uses the font of the source and continues to use the font of the source when typing, which is just annoying.


      Changing the font does not always apply in the editor, but seems to apply in the final post. Updating and re-editing however does not fix or correct the font displayed in the editor.


      Sometimes it recognizes pasting of hyperlinx, sometimes not.


      Earlier on I was quoting some text, by selecting a previous response and choosing the "quote" icon. It quoted the text in the edit window, but I could no longer add any unquoted text to my message.


      I could go on and on with more issues, but the problems are so weird and very difficult to explain.


      Safari seems mostly incompatible with the editor. Selecting text and applying a font only affects 3/4 of the text, etc. etc. But Firefox is also making strange problems. Unfortunately issues are not always reproducible. It seems the editor is mutating.


      Is anyone else having such issues with the editor?

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          Well, when I first saw the syntax highlighting feature I thought: "Wow, at least a useful new feature". The font being not fixed width seemed a minor issue that could be easily fixed by the team when the first major problems were fixed.


          Now I have posted more than one reply and the more I do so the darker my thoughts about the editor become. Mostly because it is NOT WYSIWYG as it pretends. You have to post to see what you wrote and then you have to edit it. But ... maybe the content is scrambled, new lines inserted, the editor shows the layout as it was before you sent your post ... crazy.

          The syntax highlighter is a beast in itself. It swallows empty lines but shows them as soon as you try to edit. You try to paste code and the editor transforms it into a table. You try to paste it as plain HTML and newlines will be gone.

          The editor is only suitable for people who simply type some word, write no code and don't paste more than a handful of characters.


          It's not about being one of them -> To all the whining wussies :-)  I think the new forum is ok and I will be able to follow interesting threads, help others and find help myself. But please, please, please give us an editor that works.

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            At least I'm not the only one experiencing these strange issues. Thank you for confirming. I just created a response and went back into the editor to change something. My response was showing additional empty lines and text was overlayed.


            FWIW, better to see a picture that to explain:



            The posting when viewed is normal. This time I'm using a different computer, running Firefox 21.0 and Mac OSX 10.8.4

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              Indeed the editor does seem to have a mind of it's own, even in Internet Explorer and many of the things you describe happen in that too.

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                Greg Spall

                Yeah, I'm on windows xp, and chrome .. similar "oddities" popup. Seems it's definitely not related to browser or OS.