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    Gauge implementation


      Hello there,


      I am looking to implement a gauge into the apex. I have a ticket table that has a status column. the value in the column are open, closed. I want to count the number of the open ticket status and use that value into the gauge visualization. I used this code

      SELECT ticket_id, count(case when status is null

                           then 0

                      when status is not null then 1

                      end) value,

              count(status) max_value

      FROM   tickets

      where lower(status) = 'closed'

      group by rollup(ticket_id)


      this will return the value of the status with total statis in the table

      - 44


      When I use this in the gauge I get a return of value 2


      I suppose to get 4 as a total value. can someone help?