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    SQL Developer and bind variables


      Using reports in SQL Developer 3.2.2 for various things.

      One in particular is a report that consists of multiple child reports showing

      various statistics about a table. That report uses a bind variable for owner and table name.


      Opening the report and clicking on the child reports correctly shows the information.

      However if I try to open the same report twice for 2 different tables the bind variable values

      do not stay in scope for just the report. The child reports for the 2 tabs show the results for whichever

      was opened last.


      Steps to reproduce.


      1) Open report

      2) Enter OWNERA and TABLEA when asked for variable values

      3) Open new report by Right clicking on report 'open in new tab'

      4) Enter OWNERA and TABLEB when asked.

      5) return to first report and click on one of the child reports.

         The results for the child report will be for OWNERA.TABLEB not TABLEA


      The scope of the bind variables does not appear to be for the report/tab but for all



      Is that correct behavior or am I doing something wrong?



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          Replying to myself but I found out some further information in case anyone else runs into this.


          If the Style is set to script then the bind variables do not hold their value between multiple copies of the same report open in different tabs. I have not tested with all the styles but it does behave correctly if the style is set to table.