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    Question on adding additional iscsi storage to existing pool.  OVM 3.1.1

    Bob Weinmann
      OVM 3.1.1-485. Generic iscsi plugin. Equallogic SAN.

      We have a running pool with one server. Two repositories on iscsi volumes.

      The iscsi environment was configured on the OVM server using iscsiadm commands to ensure true multipathing across two NICs. We're not using a bond pair for iscsi traffic.

      I provisioned a third iscsi volume, discovered and logged in to the target from the server. A refresh of the SAN from OVM manager picked up the new disk.

      What I can't get past is presenting the volume to the OVM server so that I can create a repository.

      When I select the SAN in the storage window, and then select access groups, there is an option to present/unpresent physical disks, but it is inactive.

      Here is what the target(s) look like on the server. ovm-qa-repos3 is the new storage volume.

      Any help is appreciated.

      # iscsiadm -m session
      tcp: [1],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-7a6c77103-4d900000020509d3-ovm-qa-pool
      tcp: [121],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-5d4c77103-ddd0000002851080-ovm-qa-repos3
      tcp: [122],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-5d4c77103-ddd0000002851080-ovm-qa-repos3
      tcp: [2],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-815c77103-4c100000023509d3-ovm-qa-repos1
      tcp: [3],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-7a6c77103-4d900000020509d3-ovm-qa-pool
      tcp: [4],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-815c77103-4c100000023509d3-ovm-qa-repos1
      tcp: [63],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-707c77103-6430000002650ca5-ovm-qa-repos2
      tcp: [64],1 iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:0-8a0906-707c77103-6430000002650ca5-ovm-qa-repos2

      # multipath -ll
      36090a03810774c5d801085020000d0dd dm-3 EQLOGIC,100E-00
      size=800G features='0' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
      `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=1 status=active
      |- 127:0:0:0 sdi 8:128 active ready running
      `- 128:0:0:0 sdh 8:112 active ready running
      36090a03810777c70a50c650200003064 dm-2 EQLOGIC,100E-00
      size=600G features='0' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
      `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=1 status=active
      |- 70:0:0:0 sdf 8:80 active ready running
      `- 69:0:0:0 sdg 8:96 active ready running
      36090a03810776c7ad30905020000904d dm-0 EQLOGIC,100E-00
      size=15G features='0' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
      `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=1 status=active
      |- 7:0:0:0 sdc 8:32 active ready running
      `- 9:0:0:0 sde 8:64 active ready running
      36090a03810775c81d30935020000104c dm-1 EQLOGIC,100E-00
      size=500G features='0' hwhandler='0' wp=rw
      `-+- policy='round-robin 0' prio=1 status=active
      |- 8:0:0:0 sdb 8:16 active ready running
      `- 10:0:0:0 sdd 8:48 active ready running