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    Warning: Type created with compilation errors. sql : oracle 11gr2


      I'm trying to create a supertype customer service and subtype agent and supervisor, so they can inherent values however when I try to run this in oracle sql: a message comes up

      Warning: Type created with compilation errors.

      What is wrong with the code below?

      Create or replace type customer_s_type as object ( csID number, csName varchar(15), csType number ) NOT FINAL;  Create or replace type supervisor_type UNDER customer_s_type ( title varchar (10) );  Create or replace type agent_type UNDER customer_s_type (title varchar (10));  Create table supervisor of supervisor_type ( CONSTRAINT supervisor_PK PRIMARY KEY (csID));  Create table agent of agent_type (CONSTRAINT agent_PK PRIMARY KEY (csID));  create table customer_service( csID number(10), csType number(10), constraint supervisor_pk primary key(csID) );