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    Error Code/Error Message Available in OPA Web Determination




      We are using OPA web determination which is embedded into Siebel as iFrame. We are also using Siebel connector for retrieving from and storing data into Siebel. However there are cases when there is some problem executing siebel logic by connector flows and hence it shows below generic error message:-


      An error occurred trying to process your request.

      This error has been logged and is available in the application logs. For further support and assistance, please contact support@domain.local

      What we want is the error code and error message, which are readily available in OPA - Siebel connector workflows, to be available into web determination error screen instead of this generic message. Are there some variables, which are available in OPA, which gets populated with Siebel Error Code, Error Message and could this behavior be over-ridden by modifying the VMs?