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    Popup message using java script alert




        I am trying to get a pop message in my OAF page once I click on a button (save), I can see the popup message only if there is an exception in my page or if I keep my java script code in processRequest, could anyone please help me know if there is a way that we can achieve the popup message through processformrequest?


      Note: I can see the popup message when I write the code in processformrequest only when there is an exception on the page, but normally when there is no exception then I cannot see any popup.


      Below is my code in processformrequest


      StringBuffer jsString = new StringBuffer();

      jsString.append(" function validatePage() { ");

      jsString.append(" alert('Hello ');");

      jsString.append(" } ");



      OABodyBean bB = (OABodyBean)oapageContext.getRootWebBean();


      oapageContext.putJavaScriptFunction("validatePage", jsString.toString());


      OASubmitButtonBean okButton = (OASubmitButtonBean)oawebBean.findChildRecursive("Save");