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    Need help with 11gR2 ASM diskgroups and NetApp storage


      I hope there are other DBAs that have experience with Oracle ASM disk groups on NetApp storage. I administer a couple of 11gR2 RAC clusters on IBM pSeries servers running AIX 6.1. We have configured various ASM diskgroups for data, fra, redo and archive logs. Currently my cluster hosts one (1) database, and I am being asked to create a second database on the same cluster.


      My question is: should I create separate diskgroups for the new database? Or is it fine to simply add additional storage to the existing diskgroups?


      Assistance and advice from anyone in the forum that has experience with NetApp and SnapManager backups will be greatly appreciated. I have reviewed the NetApp/Oracle Best Practices document provided by NetApp support, but it does not seem to address my question.


      Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


      Best Regards,