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    ADF Table / View Export to Excel size limit is 65536 rows

    Don Kleppinger

      I'm using   The newer versions of Excel support more then 65535 rows but ADF will not export more than this amount.   Has this been fixed in version?  Any examples on how to accomplish this apart from Apache POI?


      (is it just me or is the forum having really long page load times today)


      I found that ADF has a hard coded size limit in

      In oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.export.TableExporter class

      This is the code

        // Maximum number of records in Excel.  As far as we know this is the upper

        // limit that Excel can handle.  In the future we might make this value

        // configurable...

        private static final int _EXCEL_MAX_RECORDS = 64*1024;


        private void _renderAllDataRows(FacesContext context,

                                        ResponseWriter rw,

                                        ColumnHeaderData colData,

                                        List<ColumnHeaderData.LeafCellInfo> columns,

                                        RowKeyIndex collectionObject,

      UIComponent detailStamp)

      throws IOException


      int rowCount = collectionObject.getRowCount();

      if (rowCount == 0)



      int maxCount = _EXCEL_MAX_RECORDS - (colData.getHeaderless() ? 0 : colData.getLayerCount());

      for (int r=0; !(rowCount > 0 && r >= rowCount) && r < maxCount; r++)



      _renderDataRow(context, rw, columns, collectionObject, detailStamp);




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