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    Finish Date of Predecessor is the same as Start date of Successor

      Has anyone run into this situation where the finish date of the predecessor is the same as start date of successor? Also, an activity with 1 day duration has a start date of 8/15/13 and a finish date of 8/16/13. This boggles my mind. Help!

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          Rudy Ising

          No I haven't seen either of these here, but perhaps this is influenced somehow by Time Zone settings?  Is this a schedule imported from other resource (P6?) or created in Unifier?



            from oracle knowledgebase:

          The Time Zone setting affects the date stamp that appears on the actions that you perform in Unifier, such as


          saving or uploading files, and also affects due dates for tasks that are assigned to you. Within an Audit Log the


          date and time stamp of each event reflect users’ current time zone as set in their User Preferences.


          For user-defined reports, the time zone shown is used for date fields in the report. The default time zone is


          defined when the report is designed. It can reflect the time zone from your user preferences or be fixed to a


          particular time zone, such as the project location or company headquarters.


          Time Zone can also come into play when you create a "bidder" account so that vendors can log into Unifier and


          submit bids. Set the Time Zone field to match that of the bid requestor’s (either your company’s time zone, or


          the zone from which the bid invitation is sent). If your bidders are in a different time zone from yours, this will


          protect them from mistakenly submitting bids after the bidding process is closed.


          Refer to the Unifier User Guide and Unifier Administration Guide for additional details.