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    Urg : Siebel fields corresponding to below column .


      Hi Team


      I am requirement developing few reports in a Data-Ware housing tool and the biggest challenge is , i do not have access to the Siebel data-base but i am expected to do the development of the report. So i would really appreciate if anybody can tell me which fields in Siebel would be the below columns correspond : -


         The below columns is related to Identify and Minimizing Credit Card Fraud across the account.


      Column In Report
      DescriptionSiebel Field
      BANUnique Billing Account Number?
      DateDate of transaction?
      If Manual agent nameAgent responsible for taking card payment?
      Outcomeoutcome of credit card payment, Pass or Fail?
      Payment Amountvalue of payment?
      Payment DateDate of transaction?
      Agent ID ?
      DateAgent responsible for selecting override?
      Override ID CheckAgent responsible for selecting override?
      Credit Override ?
      Contact center where agent is based ?
      Item ChargeOverride ID Check (Yes/No)?
      Payment Recieved (Yes/No)?
      Transaction Channel?
      Transaction ID?


      Any help on any of these columns is acceptable , Thanks .