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    Vdbench 504, SNIA, and EPA

    Henk Vandenbergh-Oracle

      If you are NOT downloading Vdbench as part of the SNIA and EPA power measurement effort, I HIGHLY suggest you download version 503 instead, unless you have some spare time to help me make sure that everything NOT EPA/SNIA related is still working fine. In that case, if you find a problem with 504, rerun the same test with 503 to make sure it is indeed a 504 problem.






      In collaboration between the Oracle, SNIA and EPA, new functionality has been added to Vdbench to support the SNIA Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification.


      The Vdbench 504 executables can be found at Vdbench Downloads

      SNIA information can be found at http://snia.org/forums/green.


      At some time in the near future the source code of Vdbench504 will also be placed on OTN, I will update this post as soon as that task has been completed.


      The current plan is to use this OTN forum as a support vehicle for Vdbench, including any Vdbench related questions or support issues. Non-Vdbench related questions around the SNIA workload should be addressed to (still looking)


      Once I figure out how to do it I'll assign Steven Johnson as a co-moderator for this Vdbench forum, Steve has been the main contact person with the SNIA, while I (Henk) has done the coding and testing, though Steve did come up with the wonderful new 'Hot Band' algorithm.

      We will do our best to monitor this forum, though please understand that our workload and priorities may not allow us to respond to you immediately.


      The main emphases of Vdbench 504 has been the inclusion of the new SNIA functionality. In theory all old existing Vdbench functionality should just continue to work, but, as I have learned after 42 years in this business, 'should' does not always mean 'will'. Please let us know if you find anything questionable.