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    Oracle Database XE 11.2 Application Express


      Hi All,


      Today I have installed Oracle Database XE 11.2 in my home pc for practice purpose.After the completion of installation i have an icon "Get Started With Oracle Database 11g Express Edition " on my desktop. When i clicked this one, it opened me in the web browser with such options like STORAGE, SESSIONS, PARAMETERS, APPLICATION EXPRESS. When I clicked on the Application Express, it asked me to create a work space, and to be enthusiastic, i just created it to know what is happening.


      In the APPLICATION EXPRESS (Application Express, i have such options like, Application Builder, SQL workshop, Team Development, Administration.


      I am new to Oracle, and by reading some tutorials and some documentations i am learning it.


      As per my knowledge, A database is installed on a Server, and we use oracle client to connect from the local machine.But, Could you please clarify me, what is an APPLICATION EXPRESS and what it meant for.


      Thank you very much in advance and excuse if am not clear.