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    Newbie here. Moderator PhHein closed my discussion, needed help on finding Java 7 button to click on. Started another discusion and this was one of the answers.



      Being new to the site, by accident I put my question about updating something in the wrong spot. I put this question in the topic Community Feedback and Suggestions (Do Not Post Product-Related Questions Here

      I posted my question where I throught the Community could give me feedback and suggestions. I am not an IT person, I did not know that upgrading something would be considered writing about a product. Again, I am not a IT person,

      instead was a graphic designer so I do not think like IT people. The moderator PhHein closed the thread because of my mistake and no one directed me to the right spot. It is frustrating enough not to be able to update something.

      Then I get tossed to the wind by Moderator PhHein.


      I started another discussion and was treated so nice, ha. I got bashed by Billy V's, you can see his comment in the Orange type below.


      I do not understand the rudeness of the moderators and other posters.

      This is my last post and I no longer want help. I won't be updating Java 7. I thought I would get a hello, welcome, and a polite answer. This is not a site that I consider people friendly.


      I did not get any response to my reporting what Billy said as abuse. I guess I just wanted to let some people know.
      Is this a site where people bash instead of giving you help? L


      created by BillyVerreynne in Community Feedback and Suggestions (Do Not Post Product-Related Questions Here

      "Well, I am very unhappy that you think your time is too valuable to browse through English (clicking HOME on the tab at the top of the page) and find a Java forum for your post about Java..


      And instead waste our time by asking a product question in a forum that EXPLICITLY states Do Not Post Product-Related Questions Here."


      Perhaps your inability to install Java (finding that shiny install button to click and have fun) is related to your inability to read and comprehend simple instructions? Like NOT posting product questions in this forum space??"