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    Blank Page after fresh APEX installation


      I have a running Glasfish + APEX Listener einvironment with almost 8 different DB targets --> all of them work well.


      Now I tried to add another database target.

      To do so I install APEX 4.2.2 in a fresh ORACLE 11.2 (there was no APEX in before) database. I do all given in the installation doc and had no error during APEX installation.

      I copied an existing configuration in Listener environment and the result is, runnning the URL in Browser, a blank white PAGE with no content - no HTML content inside nor any error at client or server side.

      Does anyone have a tip how to tackle this down.


      Oracle GlassFish Server (build 5)




      not work


      Nachricht geändert durch Fischert: Sorry was an installtion misunderstanding. I installed runtime only version. Solved