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    Oracle Form URL with content root's children directories path?

    Hendry Lai

      Hi All



      In this case , we try to add children directories under default form path ( ex: Oracle_FRHome1/forms/DEPT_001/xx001_01.fmx  and Oracle_FRHome1/forms/DEPT_002/xx002_01.fmx  )

      but there are so many children directories in our legacy systems, so it's not possible for us to add all path in server form_path variable


      We try to call form directly in url

      such as : http://localhost:9001/forms/frmservlet?form=/DEPT_001/xx001_01.fmx

      first error appeared with such error message : FRM-92190: JavaScript is unable to evaluate expression.


      After confirm error message,  our form xx001_01.fmx still work fine


      Are there any configuration file should be adjust in this case ?