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    Is it possible to install multiple Portal Studios in WebLogic


      Our project requires two Liferay Portal Studios within the same Endeca Discovery installation. Currently there is only one portal-ext.properties in liferay.home ($WLS_HOME/user_projects/domains/portal-ext.properties) being shared my the 2 Studio Managed servers.

      I need different property values for each of the Studios.

      Has anyone successfully installd 2 Latitude Liferay Studios sharing the same ENdeca server ( same datasource) ?

      One studio is for external web-vistors, and the second one for internal.

      I tried to Override the properties in (protal-ext.properties) for one of the Studio Managed Servers (that way each of them can use a different proerty file) as documented in this Liferay documentation (Properties Override : Properties Override - User Guide - Liferay.com), but it does not seem to work.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Brett R-Oracle

          A simple solution will be if you are prepared to deploy/run Studio twice, once each in two different WebLogic domains.  A consequence of this is having different WebLogic server instances and port-numbers, which might not matter depending on your deployment environment (reverse-proxies etc.)


          You should be able to achieve this for EID Studio 3.0 by setting JVM parameter external-properties for each of two domains:

          1. Create two WebLogic domains, say endeca_studio_domain and endeca_studio_second_domain (change the names to make sense for your deployment).  Make sure that you specify different port numbers for the servers.
          2. Edit bin/setDomainEnv.sh in each environment, adding the corresponding lines:
            # first domain
            JAVA_OPTIONS="-Dexternal-properties=/<path to your user_projects>/domains/endeca_studio_domain/portal-ext.properties"
            # second domain
            JAVA_OPTIONS="-Dexternal-properties=/<path to your user_projects>/domains/endeca_studio_second_domain/portal-ext.properties"
          3. Instead of copying portal-ext.properties to /domains, make one copy in each domain directory, per the paths above.
          4. To each file, add the appropriate liferay.home entry:
            # first domain
            liferay.home=/<path to your user_projects>/domains/endeca_studio_domain
            # second domain
            liferay.home=/<path to your user_projects>/domains/endeca_studio_second_domain
          5. Modify the properties files as required, start the WebLogic domains and test.