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    oracle forms not working on test machine



         I am working on oracle forms 10g and database 10g, I created the new test machine with latest database dump and forms .

      in new machine I set up all the required entries and I have changed some hard coded entries on login form. it works fine all forms running but as I restart the machine only login form working and all other forms not opening.

      then I again copy the forms folder and recompile the login forms after required changes than again it works fine but as I restart machine only login form working not others.

      I don't know what changes taking lace when I restart and forms stop working.

      I know that if I recompile all the forms then it will work fine but there are hundreds of forms I don't want to compile them one by one.

      is there any way that I can run them without recompiling and what happens when I restart machine.


      thanks in advance