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    Run custom concurrent program through MOAC responsibility


      HI All,


      Working on R12 upgrade ,having some issue and query as well:

      1) how to run Custom Concurrent Program from any MOAC responsibility? as Standard Concurrent Program is running fine.Is there

           any Profile Option or some thing else we need to do?

      2) how to enable "Operating unit mode" to Single or Multiple  for any concurrent program.I am trying to set through navigation

           System Administration > Concurrent Program > enter concurrent program > Request tab

           Page opens for this but notthing is Active in this page, all check box and other this are showing as disabled.


      So, please anybody provide me solution or guidance on this.This is very important for me




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          usually there is an update link on the right hand side of the OAF Page you mentioned (System Administration, Concurrent - Programs)

          from where you are taken to an updateble page. In this page You can go exactly to Request Tab where you can modify Operating Unit
          Mode from Single to multiple.

          When a concurrent is designed to be of type "Multiple" then SRS Form enables Operating Unit Parameter automatically, so that you
          are able to enter a specific operating unit.

          E.g. Payables Open Interface Concurrent is designed as "Multiple", so if you have access to payables responsibility, you could see
          how it looks like.

          If your OAF Page for Concurrent Program Definition is missing update link, then it might be a security issue (e.g. the function may
          be disabled for your user).



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            Hi KJ,


            1.)To run the custom program, you need to add it to the request group of the corresponding application (Sys Admin>Security>Responsibility>Request)

            Once added all the responsibilities of the application which have this Request Group assigned to them should be able to run the custom program.


            2).To achieve single/multipleOU access, you can adda a parameter of operating unit while defining your custom program.

            If the responsibility used to run this has access only to a single OU (no MO: Security Profile), then a single OU will be used.

            If the responsibility used has multiple OU access, the OU parameter while running the request will give an LOV where you can select the correct OU.