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    DBCA hanging in HP UX in RAC ENVIRONMENT.


      Today I found one funny thing while installing Oracle RAC 11gR2.




      1) Cluster installation was completed.

      2) Oracle DB software got installed successfully on both nodes.


      When I was creating DB using DBCA(With SGA size 200GB)....immediately after reaching 2% it is hanging. i tried many ways to trouble shoot. no error found in any where...at last i raised P1 SR as well...no solution....finally just for trial purpose i changed SGA  to 50GB. and tried again....now it went successfully.


      So now my question is there any such restriction on SGA while create DB through DBCA...?  Seems to be very very funny but i left with no clue...Any comments please...?


      hmmmmm...i forgot version details...


      11GR2 on HP UX...and ASM storage device...