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    Oracle Performance Management Sysem


      Hi All,


      Can anybody help me on implementing, Scope & Assumptions on Oracle Performance Management System?

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          Sivaji Gandham



          If you want to learn the entire thing.. go to this URL for R12.



          Under Human Resources, pl find

          " Oracle HRMS Workforce Sourcing, Deployment, and Talent Management Guide"

          with doc no.B31620-02.

          You can go thru Talent Management (Which is Performance Management System till 11i).


          If for 11i.. use the foolowing link.


          Thouroughly study the guide and then ask your specific questions.



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            Hi Siva,


            I am very happy for ur prompt and Correct response...


            I am just looking for the Scope and Assumptions to submit the document to the client.





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              Sanjay Singh

              Hi Prashanth,


              Using Oracle PMS, clients can automate their entire assessment cycle right from objective setting to assessment.

              Objective Setting - Is a collaborative process between Employee and his/her manager. You have the option of selecting the initiator of the process as either employee or the manager (Cascading/parallel). both the parties have to agree for freezing the objectives


              Assessment - All approved objective will automatically flow to your assessment, based on the appraisal template define. You have the option of using competency assessment, objective assessment or even some questionnaire functionality as part of assessment.


              Scope will be dependent on your business requirement. You key assumptions can include based on what your business wants to do:


              1. Do the business need a global Objective setting plan or regional

              2. Process of review of objectives

              3. How will the actual loaded into system for objectives? (Not available out-of box)

              4. What is the frequency of assessment? Twice a year or annual assessment

              5. What will be the normalization method? (Not available out-of box)


              Hope it helps.




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                Hi Sanjay,


                Thanks a lot as you have given me most of the solution. A lot of confusion has been erased by ur answer.


                Just little bit a push back is needed on Scope.


                Please could you please help me if there is any document related to the Performance Management System implementation.


                if any please mail to prashanthcreddy@gmail.com




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                  Sanjay Singh

                  Hi Prashanth,


                  Scope is one of your important constraint which you need to finalize post understanding the business requirements. Finalizing scope of the project without understanding business need will always lead to over budget and delayed projects.


                  Example if your client is a global client - then whether you will be doing phased roll-out or big bang, what will be your Quality, training and Implementation strategy all of that will be dependent on what business wants to do.


                  So if you are at the start of your project then start understanding the vision and requirements of your client and based on it define the scope and get it mutually agreed with your stakeholder and plan your resources and execute the same.