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    OVM Sparc - Can't discover local disks


      Chassis 6000

      10 Blades T4-1B

      Controller LSI logic with 2 local 600gb disks per blade.


      I understand that FC and ISCSI storage generic drivers are a big no at the moment for sparc, I currently have the storages attached to one blade and shared via nfs (a blueprint for tunning nfs in 11.1 would be great also).

      The problem is, I can't even discover the local disk, no raid, so OVM should discover the secondary disk by itself right? Disk is completely cleared as recommended, but OVM still fails to discover anything.

      Help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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          When you say 'cannot discover', is this in the context of using Enterprise Manager Ops Center, or Oracle VM VM Manager, or "regular" CLI-based logical domains? If the control domain on the first blade can 'see' the disks you should have no problem exporting so the other blades' control domains can see it. Can you post the output of 'format' and show the exports from the first blade? Jeff

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            Thanks for the reply and sorry about the delay (vacations).

            This is in the context of Oracle VM Manager.

            At the moment we have everything working over NFS and I had to gave up on finding local disks through OVM Manager since we had to put the system into production. I still have a second enclosure + 10 blades for testing purposes (for now).


            I can find in the documentation that there is no support for ICSCI/FC.in OVM Manager.

            My doubt is the local disks, since I can't find it clearly in the documentation.

            Can you find Local Disks when using OVM Manager with OVS Sparc? Or is it NFS the only available option?

            I have no problems when doing things by *hand* (ldom commands),



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              The answer is "not yet" with the OVM manager. The currently shipping support for Oracle VM Manager on SPARC systems is only for NFS. 


              If you are willing to work via CLI outside Oracle VM Manager, you can add local disks to the guest. You have to expand the VM line in the GUI so you can see the "ID" field, which is the actual name of the domain in the ldoms manager. For example, you may name the guest 'mydomain', but the actual name in 'ldm list' will be a long hex string that is a UUID.  You can use 'ldm add-vdsdev' to define virtual disks, and then 'ldm add-vdisk' to add that disk to a guest.  The other complication is that the domain does not actually exist until you start it from the GUI, so if you stop the guest and later restart it, all "extra" devices not known to OVM Manager won't be there and would have to be added again. The other obvious restriction is that you can not migrate a domain if it has local disks.


              For reference: if you go to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC documentation at Oracle VM for SPARC Documentation  and then select View Library for Release 3.0 at  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37707_01/index.html

              you will see a page with all the documents for the current release. Pick the "Oracle VM Manager 3.2: Quick Start Guide for Managing Oracle VM Server for SPARC" at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/vm/ovm3-sparc-quick-start-guide-1900072.pdf


              I hope this helps explain the situation.


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                Thanks Jeff,

                I think I'll go "manually" with the second enclosure, this will be a nightmare

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                  It would probably be prudent to use the supported interfaces. There is a code drop with FC and iSCSI support at Oracle VM Early Access Downloads

                  If you use that updated version of OVM SPARC Agent, then you will be able to manage domains from the GUI using the manager. Bear in mind this is early access, of course.

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                    Hello Jeff,


                    DO you know if there is any roadmap or development in making Oracle VM Manager work with OVM Sparc in combination with Fibre Channel?


                    Thanks in Advance,


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                      Hi Ben,


                      That is our intention, and you can try an early-access version of the OVS agent to test, at Oracle VM Early Access Downloads

                      That is an old-ish build, and we're going to see if we can put up a more recent one that includes further development.


                      regards, Jeff

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                        Thanks for the help Jeff, that new build would be great.

                        I tried the latest build and I can see the physical/fc disks now.

                        I still can't create a repository in the storage or local disks yet, always have the error: size 0 with no further info.

                        Everything is working over nfs without issues but we eagerly await for a new version with full fc support.

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                          Ah, I have to explain that: at the current version, we can support FC and local disks to be used as backends for virtual disks, which is the first thing we had to focus on for performance and customer expectation. We don't yet have the ability to use that media for a repository. Sorry for not mentioning that previously!  Yes, when the full FC support (and local disk and iSCSI) it's going to be really cool. Thanks so much for trying this out - it's really appreciated! Jeff

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                            Hello Jeff,


                            I could say we're not in a hurry but to be honest I would be lying, we are currently in the decision process of acquiring 2 more enclosures.

                            The problem is, I can't do it without testing the full FC support. I understand that RD is complicated, lot's of stuff have to be tested before an early access gets out, but I would really like to have my hands on that next version.

                            I don't see an option to send you a direct message on this forum, if it's possible for you to send me an email I could add you to the *oracle* loop we're currently talking by email (if you have the time of course).



                            Best regards