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    Periodic Table Clean


      Please,I has a table with 1.7 billion records...

      I want to create a process to create a periodic clean for this table....delete the records...

      what is the best way to I create this periodic clean?

      My database is in the version: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bits


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          First, determine the set you want to delete.  Is that set defined by date? by expired jobs?  Whatever is relevant to you.


          Then you can use that sql in a scheduler job.  Or you could package it in a shell script and run it from cron.


          You could even write a pl/sql procedure with appropriate error handling, and built in limiters (time, # of rows, etc.) and schedule that in a job, or call it from a cron.


          Performance may be the biggest issue in a table this size, so make sure your delete statement uses an appropriate index.  For example, if you are ageing out records by an event_date, make sure there is an index on event_date.





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            If you always need delete all record then

            truncate table <tablename>.

            If you can define partitions in the way that partition hold data you want to purge then simply drop or truncate partition.

            Those operations are very fast.