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    NullPointerException Installing AIA Demo

      When I run the command to deploy the AIA Demo (ant -f deployDemo.xml), I'm experiencing the following NPE:

      [echo] /----------------------------------------------------------\
      [echo] ! !
      [echo] ! Installing AIA Demo !
      [echo] ! !
      [echo] \----------------------------------------------------------/

      [java] java.lang.NullPointerException
      [java] at setup.AddAIADemoProperties.getPwd(AddAIADemoProperties.java:316)
      [java] at setup.AddAIADemoProperties.main(AddAIADemoProperties.java:445)
      [java] ERROR encountered, either when updating AIAInstallProperties.xml with AIA Demo properties, inserting AIA Dem
      o passwords into keystore, or updating AIAConfigurationProperties.xml

      W/out access to AddAIADemoProperties.java, I'm at a loss as to what might be causing this NPE. Any ideas?