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    how to create new schema or restore on full version from 11g xe backup.



      the situation is i get bakup of  a 11g xe installation at remote place and i have to restore only one schema out of it into

      a running enterprise version of oracle database.


      please tel me how many ways i can transfer one schema to full version of oracle.

      i know one way is to export import schema from one data base to other.

      please tel me is there any other ways to do it. which  is better, if not better then at least it should be practical.


      --i want that same schema be present at both places and when ever i get backup from xe it will be resorted on existing schema in full version of oracle

      --or i am ready to create new schema at full version from backup of xe installation also,optionally if i can restore on it, than it will be comfortable for me.


      note: schema at both end will be same.