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    Month end close change for Paybles from Friday to Thursday?


      We are using Fiscal Calendar 4-4-5 (retail sector)  for Oracle. Our GL calendar is set up like that. Currently the Control Payables Period Calendar is set up in such a way that the last day of the period will always be a Friday.Currently for every month end all the AP inbound integrations are put on hold on Friday preceding the month end and released on Sunday following the month end. The reason is integrations are designed to use system date as GL date when they get imported. So invoices would get created with GL Date which is in closed period, if run on Friday. Now our payables department want to change the close to a Thursday. we have been live with R12 (12.1.3) since 2009. Is it possible to change the Control Payables Period Calendar so that thelast day of the period will be a Thursday? If so, it will be great if someone can explain me the process?