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    webstart rejects as unsigned a signed jar in "some" clients.



      I've tried to find the root cause but failing so far.

      I have a WAR serving an app via a .jnlp file wich includes signed jars.

      The app is intended to be run in 1.6u29, which I installed (w7, 64 bits, 32 bit jre)

      Trying to run the app yields:

        com.sun.deploy.net.JARSigningException: Se ha encontrado una entrada sin firma en el recurso:

      and checking with jarsigner the ofending jar:


        jar verified.



        This jar contains entries whose certificate chain is not validated.


      related to the signing root cert being a MD2RSA cert.


      What is strange is that in a clean w2k3server install, the app runs fine.

      How can this be ?

      Any hints appreciated.