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    Drilldown configuration problem 8.1 - 8.0

      well the problem we have is this:

      We have a drilldown on a field of service request, and when we click it on siebel 8.0 it goes to another view (with the same BO, and BC) and shows the record clicked on a form applet with the controls to change the records (so you can navigate around the records you have on the applet you clicked the drilldown)

      when we try to do the same on our enviroment of 8.1, the drilldown goes to the view and displays a form applet with ONLY the record clicked, and we cant navigate beetween the rows.

      please if you know where it could be a problem, or a configuration issue?

      the drilldown is configured with "Destination Business Component" with no value, because it is the same, and source and destination fields = "Id"

      thanks in advance!
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          I think it is strange that it worked in Siebel 8.0. We are not using service request views in our project so I cannot verify it on your views, however I think that you never could navigate to another record on the target view if the drilldown definition uses ROW_ID as source and destination field. In fact you shouldn't even be able to query for other records as it sets something like a named query on the bc.


          Do you have a field other than ROW_ID that is uniqe? If you do try to change the drilldown definition to that field.

          It should workarround your problem.