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    Linux High Availability Options

    Adam Robinson

      I am looking to set up a high availability cluster hosting NFS on Oracle Linux 6.4.  At this point I think my options are either Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11gR2 (as mentioned at http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/linux/product/linux-high-availability/overview/index.html), or using pacemaker which comes with the OS (which I do not believe is supported by Oracle).


      I see that it is stated that Oracle Grid Infrastructure can work with 3rd party apps and I am not opposed to getting my hands dirty and writing a few scripts.  What I can't figure out is how to install the software for this scenario (no Oracle Database involved or needed).  For example, during the install I am prompted to set up SCAN (which I have no use for with an NFS only server).  Am I just picking the wrong options?


      Does anyone know of any guides or have any tips for setting up Grid Infrastructure with a 3rd party app?  The only doc I could find on OTN is dated 2008.  I am I taking the right approach to this, or should I be looking more into pacemaker?  Whatever I use, I would prefer it to be supported though.