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    Scripting in templates




      we are migrating from version to A part of it is migrating to calc manager from HBR.


      Since we are used macros, the import of the generated xml from HBR resulted in BR's and associated templates.


      I have 2 questions for you gurus:


      1. As I find the graphical interface tedious,  is there a way to script the templates as one can with the BR's ? Will placing FIX statements, formulas and everything else work if just pasted into script object?


      2. Per instructions found at this link: Calculation Manager , I tried referencing a template with parameters through a design time prompt, but can't get anywhere. Anytime i click the 'prompt it' checkbox I get a message saying that i have no steps defined in the template..also Application Type, Application and User POV DSP's are automatically generated..could this have anything to do with it?


      Thank you for helping a newbie.