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    Is there a way to config WLS to fail over from a primary RAC cluster to a DR RAC cluster?


      Here's the situation:

      1. We have two Oracle RAC clusters, one in a primary site, and the other in a DR site
      2. Although they run active/active using some sort of replication (Oracle Streams? not sure), we are being asked to use only the one currently being used as the primary to prevent latency & conflict issues
      3. We are using this only for read-only queries.
      4. We are not concerned with XA
      5. We're using WebLogic 10.3.5 with MultiDatasources, using the Oracle Thin driver (non-XA for this use case) for instances


      I know how to set up MultiDatasources for an individual RAC cluster, and I have been doing that for years.



      Is there a way to configure MultiDatasources (mDS) in WebLogic to allow for automatic failover between the two clusters, or does the app have to be coded to failover from an mDS that's not working to one that's working (with preference to a currently labelled "primary" site).



      We still want to have load balancing across the current "primary" cluster's members

      Is there a "best practice" here?