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    Oracle wallet issue in weblogic jdbc connection pool under load




      We are currently facing an issue in our app server where the jdbc pool is getting suspended under heavy load conditions.the root cause for the issue is the connection testing is failings with a oracle wallet issue.


      "encountered a problem with the Secret Store. Check the wallet location for the presence of an open wallet (cwallet.sso) and ensure that this wallet contains the correct credentials using the mkstore utility: java.io.IOException: PKI-02002: Unable to open the wallet. Check password."

      i Have checked the access of the file and it all is good,using orapki we are able to display the wallet contents without password details so it is not a case of corrupt wallet.also this issue is not seen at server startup when the connection pool is initialised, it is mostly seen when the connection pool is growing under heavy load conditions.

      using Solaris OS phase 10, weblogic server 11g, jdbc driver 11g, oracle db is also 11g

      Kindly assist in this case