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    Invoking Java Standalone program in Servlet or any other j2ee technologies


      Hi All,


      Here's what i need.. I have a UI where in user has the capability to upload a file and extract a report based on the inputted(uploaded) data. Since there is a huge data to be extracted, once the user uploads the data i would like to come out of the servlet control so that user doesn't have to wait in the same page and that the control to be passed on to a java stand alone program there by making it possible for the user to work on something else. So once the control goes on to the java standalone,it would invoke back-end sps and build an extract out of it and place it in a file path on the server.

      The user how-over has a capability from UI to check if the extract is ready for them to download.


      So the question here is, what is the best practice or possibility in achieving the same? Please let me know your valuable comments.