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    Oracle error ORA-00376 while trying to query applications


      Details of the problem


      User encountered form error . when asked for details found this error in details screenshot.


      ORA-00376: file 36 cannot be read at this time
      ORA-01110: data file 36 '.........................../APX01.dbf'


      Database type : Production on windows

      Archive log mode= Yes.

      Version is (9i)


      Did some checks like file existence. Physical file exists in the said path.  But data file status shows as "RECOVER".


      queried the v$recover_file


      36OFFLINEOFFLINE462596859106/23/2013 15:36:52


      We are not using RMAN . what is the best way to recover this file ?


      when system is operational, Can I use from SQL> Recover datafile 36;


      Thanks in advance for help