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    VM manager 3.2.2 installation


      I Trying install Oracle VM Manager but suddenly stop, then i try find out in log file but i don't understand, can anyone help me... here is the detail :


      Oracle VM Manager Release 3.2.1 Installer


      Oracle VM Manager Installer log file:



      Please select an installation type:

      1: Simple (includes database if necessary)

      2: Custom (using existing Oracle database)

      3: Uninstall

      4: Help


      Select Number (1-4): 1


      Starting production with local database installation ...


      Verifying installation prerequisites ...

      Oracle VM Manager can only be installed on a 64 bit Oracle Linux version 5.5 and higher.

      Current version is 'redhat' version '3.2.1'

      *** WARNING: Recommended memory for the Oracle VM Manager server installation using Local MySql DB is 7680 MB RAM


      One password is used for all users created and used during the installation.

      Enter a password for all logins used during the installation:

      Enter a password for all logins used during the installation (confirm):


      Verifying configuration ...


      Start installing the configured components:

      1: Continue

      2: Abort


      Select Number (1-2): 1


      Step 1 of 9 : Database Software...

      Installing Database Software...

      Retrieving MySQL Database 5.5 ...

      [root@OracleVM cdrom]#

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          I had similar issues where it got stuck at installing Database Software.  I had to install

          yum install zip

          yum install xz-devel.x86_64


          Reboot and start install again.  If it fails again try the -n switch.  i.e. ./runInstaller -n


          Also make sure you have run the ./createOracle.sh script, before running the installer,  which creates the required environment, groups and users.