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    missing config.xml after unpacking

      Hi, I installed 11g on two machines. I'm following the steps on the wonderweblogic post mostly except that instead of copying the whole directory, I wanted to use the pack utilities. When I setup the domain, I created a cluster of two machines. Then I used pack.sh and passed it -managed=true. Then I unpacked it on my second machine. The directory structure looks ok. When I try to start up the second machine with startManagedWeblogic.sh server2, I get:

      weblogic.management.ManagementException: [Management:141249]The configuration directory /home/weblogic/test/config is missing the file config.xml and the admin server is not available to download it.
      at weblogic.management.provider.internal.RuntimeAccessImpl.parseNewStyleConfig(RuntimeAccessImpl.java:213)

      There isn't a config.xml on this machine but there is a config_bootstrap.xml that looks correct..similar to the config.xml from the first machine. The first machine's admin server and managed server are both running correctly. What did I do wrong? thanks.