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    Moving DBF Files from one computer to another


      Hi, I was looking for some help with an issue I have come across. I had SQL Developer on my Desktop with 13 different tables and up to 6 months worth of data. Yesterday when starting the desktop I got the dreaded read/write error message and the compute is not starting up now.


      I have now managed to take the hard drive out and I have managed to get into the files as an external drive on my laptop. What I am looking to do is to hopefully transfer the database files from the external drive to my laptop.


      I have installed SQL Developer and also installed OracleXE112 on the laptop and I have located dbf files on the external drive but when I overwrite the same files on my laptop I get a listener error. What is the best way to get all my tables back? If somebody could please advise, would really appreciate it some help.


      Thanks in advance.