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    Archive logs are being shipped, but are not applied


      Hi everyone,


      Some strange things are happening when I try to configure an Oracle Data Guard setup. Currently I am at the point where the configuration has been completed, and I just need to sync the standby database to the primary one. I can see in the log files that the archive logs are being shipped, but they are not applied on the standby system.


      If I run "recover standby database;" manually in sqlplus I can see that it is trying to apply an archive log which is way too old (ORA-00279: change 9656498443 generated at 04/29/2008 08:45:08 needed for thread 1).


      In the alert log I can also see this error: Warning: Recovery target destination is in a sibling branch of the controlfile checkpoint. Recovery will only recover changes to datafiles.


      At this point I was thinking that the standby database might be on a different incarnation compared to the primary, but this is not the case, they are both in incarnation 6:

      6       6       MVF      4023175798       CURRENT 48493546257 13-06-21


      Does anyone have an idea how this could happen, and how I could fix this issue?



      Thanks, JM.