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    Search FMB's


      Hi there,


      We are in the middle of a major upgrade to our forms application. This involves code changes to a lot of individual forms.


      I'm looking for a way to search my FMB's (program units) for specific lines of code.


      Is there any way to search all of my FMB's without opening up each form individually? I have considered converting every form to XML and searching that way but I'm wondering if there's even any third party application that might help?





      Application Server Forms and Reports

      Windows Server 2003 (x64) R2 SP2

      Forms Applet version is :

      Java Plug-in 1.6.0_18

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          When we deploy a form in our development environment, our compile script creates a txt output file.  This enables us to search these files.  If you have someone on your staff that is familiar enough with Java, you could use the JDAPI utility to search all of your forms.  The JDAPI utility (frmjdapi.jar) is included with the standard installation and is found in the /DEV_SUITE_HOME/forms/java directory.



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            Andreas Weiden

            There are commercial tools which can do so, one i personally know is FormsApiMaster.