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    Experienced replication admins: Is GoldenGate really better than Oracle Advanced Replication?


      I have been administering multi-master Oracle Advanced Replication for more than 10 years. It has been completely rock solid. Even at times where we had several days of network outage between the sites, it would always resynchronize all the hundreds of thousands of transactions, and data colissions would be easy to find and resolve because of the error queues, etc.


      So I am viewing the transition to GoldenGate with a bit of suspicion. We are test-replicating one table with GG and we've already had a problem after upgrading to Oracle 11g.


      We only replicate between Oracle db's currently, we don't have a need to replicate to anything else. So is GoldenGate really better, and why? I'm looking for answers only from people who have had several years of multi-master Oracle Advanced Replication experience, in the trenches.